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Lessons Learned from a Sunrise

by Lisa Manning on July 11, 2013

sunriseWe left at 5:00am to be on the road for our vacation.  I drove in the dark while the rest of the family slept.  Traffic was light and the travel easy as I listened to a few podcasts and worship music.  I began seeing spurts of light through the clouds and realized that although I am often awake early, I haven’t seen a sunrise in a long time.  Making a mental note to plan this more often, I drove on as the streams of light continued to appear.  Several minutes later, day was upon us and I have to admit, I was disappointed that the first sunrise I had seen in a few years was underwhelming.  As I guided the car around a bend, I saw it; an absolutely gorgeous sunrise!  The sky was various shades of orange, yellow and pink.  I smiled and thank God.  “Yes, you surprised me!”

God had a few lessons for me while I watched the sunrise.   First, God is gentle.  Most people don’t enjoy having someone turn a bright light on when they are sleeping.  In the same way, He won’t force you to serve Him.  He waits to spend time with you each day and hopes you will invite Him to be a part of your life.

Second, just like the sunrise happens every day, God gives us a new, bright opportunity to begin again 365 days a year.  It doesn’t matter what happened yesterday or how you blew it.  If you truly repent and ask for forgiveness, you get another chance to do your best.

Finally, just because you cannot see the beauty, doesn’t mean it isn’t there.  I had to keep driving around the bend to see the splendor that was ahead.  It was worth waiting for.  Whatever the situation you are walking through, it will end in a way that glorifies God if you allow Him to work through it.  Trust Him that the sunrise will bring to light the truth and goodness of God.

As I am typing, a favorite song by a musician named David Baroni comes to mind.   Faithful God.

As the sun is reborn
And a beautiful morning
Reminds me of Your faithfulness to me
Through the long lonely night
When the darkness hid the light
You gave me grace to trust
And now I see
Even when it’s hard to believe
Even when our hope seems all gone
There has never been a night without a dawn

Faithful God Unfailing Love
Forever You are worthy of my praise
Faithful God Unfailing Love
We can always trust the wisdom
Of Your ways
Faithful God Faithful God

The heavens they are telling
Of the glory of our King
So we join with all creation
Now and sing

Faithful God Unfailing Love…….


Thank God for the next sunrise you see. He IS a faithful God!




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