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10 Lessons Learned from a Storm and a Shipwreck

by Lisa Manning on February 22, 2014

Shipwreck by artist Ivan Aivazovsky

Shipwreck by artist Ivan Aivazovsky

Take a few minutes to read Acts 27:9 through chapter 28:11.  They tell the story of Paul, when he was a prisoner, being on a ship for at least 14 days in the midst of a storm. This wasn’t just a small rain shower. The Bible says the storm had hurricane winds. Paul warned them that this trip was going to be disastrous and the pilot and owner of the ship didn’t listen (verse 10).  Now Paul and 266 others were in the midst of a perilous storm, through no fault of their own, because someone needed to get somewhere quicker. It makes me smile to see that Paul was just as human as I when he says, “I told you so!” in verse 21.

How often do we find ourselves in a major storm, whether because of our own actions or through the fault of someone else? What can we learn from the storm and subsequent shipwreck Paul (and 266 others!) endured?

  1. Listen to God first.  Others don’t always have our best interest in mind when they make decisions.  Sometimes, the very thing we hear God saying is the exact opposite of what everyone else is telling us to do.  When circumstances are getting out of control, listen to God, even if it goes against the belief of others. ~ Acts 27:11
  2. Secure the Ship.  At the first sign of the storm, the people on board the ship began to secure it so there would be less damage and loss.  If your storm is financial, perhaps you need to make drastic cuts to ensure the ship doesn’t sink.  If your marriage is in trouble, you may need to make unwanted changes in your own life to repair the damage that has been done. Ask God what changes need to be made and don’t delay in making them. ~ Acts 27:17
  3. Trust God that He will see you through.  “So keep up your courage, men, for I have faith in God that it will happen just as he told me.” ~ Acts 27:25
  4. Don’t Jump Ship.  Often when we are in the midst of a storm, the first instinct we have is to get out of the boat. It may look easier to give up.  Keep sailing!  Jumping into the shark infested waters may cost you your life. ~ Acts 27:30-32
  5. Take Care of Yourself.  In order to survive the storm, you need to eat, sleep and take care of yourself.  If you are weak and tired, you won’t be able to do your part to weather to storm. ~ Acts 27:33-38
  6. Throw Cargo Overboard.  You may have to let go of some things to lighten your load.  Sin. Unforgiveness. Hardness of Heart.  Resentment. Fear.  Let the cargo go and allow God to restore more positive characteristics when you are through the storm. ~ Acts 27:18-19, 38
  7. Prepare for a Shipwreck. Life often takes a hard right turn and you end up somewhere else than you planned.  Be flexible or you will be miserable. ~ Acts 27:41
  8. Know God will Provide.  After they were shipwrecked, the people on the island of Malta honored them, even providing them with supplies so they could leave a few months later.  The storm you are going through is NOT a surprise to God.  He has already made provisions for you.  ~ Acts 28:2, 10
  9. Understand that the storm may not be about you.  After they arrived on the island of Malta, Paul was able to pray for the father of the Chief official and he was healed.  This caused the rest of the island to come to him and be healed.  If you have learned anything about the life of Paul, you know that he was very vocal about Christ.  When the healings took place, that was a great opportunity for Paul to tell the people of Malta the salvation message. ~ Acts 28:27-29
  10. God Often gives us rest after the storm.  The people of Malta honored and provided for the 267 people on that ship while they were preparing to set sail again.  Sure, it was a time of rebuilding but it was also a time of refreshing after a difficult journey. ~ Acts 28:9-10

The next time you are going through what seems like a hurricane, take look at the lessons in these chapters of Acts.  It is great advice for weathering storm God’s way!





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