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Are you looking for someone to speak at your women’s gathering or retreat?

Some of my greatest memories have been with my girl friends.  I have been blessed to have many different types of friends.  One in particular makes me laugh for hours when we are together.  Another makes me look inward and reflect on how I might be able to be better.  Still another points me back to God in both good times and bad.  I am able to watch one beautiful woman be at peace in the midst of any circumstance.  One sweet friend shows me how to have a servant’s heart with her every day deeds.  All of my friends will tell you I have a gift of transparency…what YOU see is what everyone sees.

My heart is that women will be challenged through my speaking.  It is my wish that every woman follows Ephesians 4:1 and lives a life worthy of her calling.

  • Growing in God each and every day
  • Finding Joy, Laughter & Peace.
  • Realizing the dreams planted deep in the heart and increasing in faith to go after those dreams

I do this through Biblical insight and transparency.  Women hear the stories of my life and the inspiring lives of others…the good, the bad, and the ugly.  We are all women on the same mission…to be influenced by the Holy Spirit to

Speaking Topics to come!