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Snuggle Time!

by Lisa Manning on January 19, 2013

P713-LTPP0713121936JCP-20Often times, we get caught up in our tasks and don’t want to stop for any reason.  We want to check as many things as possible off of our “To-do” list.  We get so busy doing stuff that we forget about the real motivations behind what we are doing.

My youngest daughter likes to snuggle, particularly with me (and I love it!).  At least once or twice a day, she will find me, wherever I am and say ‘Mommy, can you snuggle me?”  She wants me to spend 10-15 minutes holding her.  Sometimes we rock.  Sometimes we sing and sometimes it is just quiet as we sit still.  I wonder if this is the reason we have such a close bond.  And, as much as I adore her and our snuggle time, occasionally, I have a difficult time pausing what it is that I am doing to completely stop and spend that snuggle time with her.  I want to continue on with the dishes or my latest project so I can finish (and not lose my motivation!).

When I was pregnant, I found and typed up a poem that was on my refrigerator for years:

            Dusting and dishes can wait till tomorrow.

            For children grow up, we’ve learned to our sorrow.

            So quiet down cobwebs and dust go to sleep.

            I’m rocking my babies and babies don’t keep. 

Currently, my children are still young.  I have been told that their childhood passes in the blink of an eye and I should relish every moment.  I still have a long way to go but I am doing better.  My house doesn’t have to be immaculate anymore and the formerly clean desk top is completely covered with papers.  It has taken a lot of prayer and adjustment for me to let go of things.  My husband would laugh and tell you that we have come a LONG way from BK (before kids).  But now, I look back and think about all of the hours I wasted making each and every aspect of my visible life perfect.  I should have spent more time encouraging others or snuggling with my husband. 

When is the last time you completely stopped what you were doing to snuggle with someone else?  No phones.  No emails.  No distractions.  Just time spent basking in the moment.  Better yet, when is the last time you had snuggle time with your heavenly father?  I wonder how often he wishes you would pause from your busy day, lean back into His arms and snuggle with no agenda.  It could be a time where He gently whispers to you the one thing you need to hear in that moment.  Because you took the time to listen, He could speak to you easily.  It isn’t simple to do and we must make an effort to take this time.  Make a date with God and set an alarm to remind you.  Hopefully, it will result in a closer relationship with Him. 

Isaiah 66:13  As one whom his mother comforteth, so will I comfort you (KJV)




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