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Mullein Garlic Eardrops: A Holistic Cure for Ear Pain

by Lisa Manning on November 13, 2013

garlic eardropGrowing up, I had constant earaches.  I remember crying for days on end in pain.  Once, as an adult, the pain was so bad I slept on a hot water bottle.  WARNING:  Do NOT do that!  I caused my eardrum to burst. Most. Excruciating. Pain. Ever!

Fast forward a few years and my oldest child was tugging on her ear and crying.  We rushed off to the pediatrician immediately because I had sudden flashbacks of horrendous pain and being sick at my stomach because I was so miserable.  I wouldn’t wish that on anyone and certainly didn’t want to see my daughter suffer.

Our pediatrician is the best (Shout out to Dr. Ramon Ramos of Savannah, Georgia here!!!)!  He believes that antibiotics are over dispensed and because of that, he does a simple blood test when illness is present.  It the children show signs of a bacterial infection in their system, he prescribes antibiotics.  If it is a viral infection, he will typically give us great holistic advice and send us on our way.  This day, he gave us advice that has saved our family hundreds of dollars on medical bills.

Dr. Ramos told us to make a trip to our local health food store and purchase a bottle of Mullein Garlic Ear Oil.

Garlic has long been used to treat infection and disease and was even used as an antiseptic.  It is most well-known for its antibacterial and antiviral properties.  Garlic is also known to have  anti-inflammatory property.  All of these qualities are perfect to use in combatting ear aches.  Mullein is a plant that is been shown effective in treating respiratory conditions, and also has antibacterial properties.  Most importantly for this purpose, it has been shown to be tremendously helpful in reducing ear pain.

The combination of garlic and mullein has been super effective for our family!  The doctor gave us that advice over 8 years ago and every single one of us has used this ear oil to stop pain and infection.  We have never again paid for a doctor’s visit related to an ear ache.

Here is the best part…it is less than $11.  To purchase, click here:  Mullein Garlic Ear Oil

Make sure you have Mullein Garlic Ear Oil in your medicine cabinet!




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