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Encouraging Women Mission Statement

by Lisa Manning on May 29, 2013

Yesterday, God gave me the Mission Statement for Encouraging Women.  I didn’t ask for it but He gave it to me during my quiet time. I love it when God gives me something I need before I even ask!  He is so great!!!

It is adapted from Ephesians 4:12-15 (NIV). So excited to share it with you….

Encouraging Women Mission Statement:

~ To Prepare God’s people for works of service

~ To Build up the faith of God’s people

~ To Teach others about Jesus

~ To Encourage others not to become complacent but to continue to become mature and grow in Christ–attaining the whole measure of the fullness of Christ

~ To Speak the truth in love and transparency


If you go to the Bible and read this, there are a few adapatations but I really felt like God added them.  First, many people become complacent about growing and maturing in God.  None of us are ever going to “arrive” and be perfect.  We are always going to need to strive for more and not be content (or complacent) about the knowledge we have in Christ.  Second, the last week, God has really been giving me the word “Transparency.”  Not only does He want us to speak the truth in love, He wants us to be transparent with others.  Women often feel they cannot measure up and it is because others in their life are not being transparent.  Their lives aren’t perfect but no one is willing to admit it.  Being transparent helps others realize they are normal!

Let me know your thoughts below.  Would love to hear from you!




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