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Lessons in Attitude

by Lisa Manning on June 26, 2014

attitude-is-everything.I inadvertently stumbled upon a You Tube soundtrack yesterday that has me captivated.  The man who wrote/reads the book Lead the Field has some amazing insight into our Attitude.  We (myself at the top of the list!) can learn a lot!  Here are some of the point:

1) It is our attitude at the beginning of a task that will determine the successful outcome of that task.
2) It is our attitude our attitude towards life that determines life’s attitude toward us.
3) We are interdependent. It is impossible to succeed without others. It is our attitude toward others that will determine their attitude toward us.
4) Before a person can achieve the kind of life he wants, he must become that kind of individual. Think , act, walk, talk and conduct all of your affairs as would the person you wish to become.
5) Your mind can hold only one thought at a time, since there is nothing to be gained by being negative, be positive.
7) The deepest craving of human beings is to be needed, feel important, to be appreciated. Give it to them and they will return it to you.
8) Look for the best in new ideas. As someone said, I have never met a person I couldn’t learn something from.
9) Don’t waste valuable time broadcasting personal problems. It probably won’t help you. It cannot help others.
10) Don’t talk about your health unless it is good.
11) Radiate the attitude of well being, of confidence, of a person who knows where he is going. This will inspire others around you and you will find good things happening to you.
12) For the next 30 days, treat everyone around you as the most important person on earth. If you do it for 30 days, you will do it for the rest of your life.

You can listen to the entire audio here:
Lead the Field, Earl Nightingale

I may have to listen to this every day.  Certainly, I hope it is something I can pass along to my children.  🙂




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