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Operation Organization: Laundry System

by Lisa Manning on April 18, 2013

When there were only 2 of us, laundry was easy.  Now that I have 2 girls, 2 businesses and a ministry, laundry seems to be never ending…and never finished. My BFF has 8 children and if the thought of 8 kids running around doesn’t make me appreciate her more, the thought of that much laundry is overwhelming!  If I spend an entire day on it, I feel like I wasted the day.  Trying to do a load or two each day seemed to result in piles on the floor.  About 3 weeks ago, I came up with a brilliant plan.  Brilliant, I tell you!  I have this fancy, smancy timer on the washing machine.  I would put a load in before bed and set the timer to turn the washer on before I got up.  Before I went to quiet time, I would put the load in the dryer .  Then, I would fold it and put it away.  Easy Peasy, right?  That lasted about 3 days.  At night when I was time to rummage through all of the hampers to get a load of like clothes, I dreaded it.  That rendered the whole idea ineffective.  A new idea was born!  I would like to tell you that was the easy part but I searched in all the major stores trying to find the bins I was looking for and ended up buying them through Amazon anyway.  I could have just saved myself about 3 hours of running around and gotten some laundry done. : )

And here it is…The Manning Family Laundry Sorter:

Laundry Bins

I ordered 2 sets of stacking recycle bins and added labels.  My family will now be sorting their own laundry. WooHoo!  Since the girls are only 5 & 8, I don’t think they are quite ready to do their own laundry but they can certainly sort them according to the pictures.  This will be a great transition for the day when it is time to do it themselves.  They will already have learned what works together.  They may not get it perfectly but it will be easy to move a few items that get tossed into the wrong bins.

I used Microsoft Publisher to make the labels and ran them through a Xyron machine to make them into stickers. Attached them to the front…and we are ready to go!

Individual Laundry Bin Here is a link to the bins I bought.

Suncast Recycle Bin Kit BH183PK
They weren’t cheap ($40 a set) but if they solve my problem and save me time, they will be more than worth it.  I should also tell you that you will need some space.  Two sets next to each other are 3 feet wide and just over 4 feet tall.  We will, however, have more space in our closets because the hampers are disappearing.  More room for shoes…just kidding!

Laundry Bin LabelsHere are my labels.  Words for the big people and Pictures for everyone who can’t read yet.  This may not be exactly the way you sort laundry but these are my loads.

Stay tuned for more Adventures In Laundry!!




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