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Wondering why you can’t hear God?

by Lisa Manning on October 4, 2014

ear hearingSome of you are wondering why God doesn’t talk to you anymore. You may need to examine what you are doing with the words He has already spoken to you.

Luke 8:18 Therefore, carefully consider how you listen. Whoever has will be given more; whoever does not have, even what he thinks he has will be taken away from him.

“When we understand and act on what we know to be the truth, then we will receive more truth; but when we ignore what we know is true, even that will be taken away, or simply leave us. For example, muscles that are exercised grow strong, while those left unused become weak. Abilities put to use grow more effective, while neglected ones often fade. This passage teaches us that obedience to what God has already told us ensures we will be given more.” Those who do not listen and obey will eventually cease to hear His voice above the noise. (adapted from Community Bible Study, Gospel of Luke)

  • Are you listening and just disregarding what God has been telling you?
  • Do you consider it and then decide against it?
  • Is there a “nagging” in your head about something God has asked you to do that you are ignoring…but it won’t go away?
  • Or, do you listen, HEAR and then put into action the things you know God has asked you to do?

I have been a wedding planner for almost 20 years.  One May, many years ago, I had 7 weddings and one of them was a distance away from the house.  As is often my practice, after the wedding, I took her wedding gown with me to have cleaned, preserved and shipped back to her.  My husband helped with this particular wedding.  We got home, unpacked and then I immediately began preparing for the wedding the next weekend.  Months later, she called to tell me she hadn’t received her wedding gown…worth several thousands of dollars.  I called the company to find out they had never received it either.  I knew I had taken several gowns to the UPS store and wondered if perhaps someone saw the box (clearly marked Wedding Gown) and decided to run with it.  I was tormented for days. I couldn’t sleep trying to figure out how I was going to pay thousands of dollars back to Melissa.  I must have prayed a million times.  Throughout those few days, I had a nagging feeling that I needed to go clean my bonus room.  It just wouldn’t go away!  Instead, I prayed for God to help me find that gown!  Finally, after 3 days of exhaustion from not sleeping and the stress of this, I decided organizing the bonus room would be good therapy.  

Guess what I found?  The Wedding Dress!!!  My husband had diligently packed away our suitcases, including our garment bag that held the wedding gown.  I could have saved myself a LOT of stress if I had just followed that leading the first day.  I called Melissa and confessed.  She laughed (thankfully) and I fixed it.  

God often speaks to us through those little “nagging” thoughts.  I don’t love that word but I cannot find another that more accurately expresses a feeling that just won’t go away.  

You need to listen and obey to keep the lines of communication open with God.




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