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38 Days

by Lisa Manning on July 2, 2013

From the time she was diagnosed with terminal brain cancer to the time she took her last breath on March 22, my mother-in-law had 38 Days.

38 Days to Make A Plan. 

To decide what to do next.  To put one foot in front of the other and just take a step forward.

38 Days to Get Affairs in Order. 

Banking.  Wills.  Lawyers.  Insurance.  Stuff that suddenly seems so insignificant.

38 Days to Remember. 

Past loves.  Lessons learned.  A movie of your life on fast forward.

38 Days to Regret.

Choice made.  Would have.  Could have.  Should have.

38 Days to Do the Lasts. 

The last drive down a country road.  The last turkey dinner.  The last birthday.  The last word spoken.

38 Days to Say Goodbyes.

Words of Wisdom.  Apologies. Hugs.  Never wanting to let go.

38 Days to Be Courageous.

To pretend that everything is okay when inside you hurt more than it shows.

38 Days to Hope. 

Perhaps this is a dream and morning is coming.

38 Days to Accept. 

Wishing there was more time but realizing the clock is ticking more quickly than you ever dreamed possible.

38 Days to Get Right With God.

Knowing you could have done better. 

38 Days to Experience God’s Peace. 

To Experience God’s love.  To Experience God’s Grace.  

38 Days until she was welcomed at the gates of heaven and into the arms of her Saviour.  

The LORD is good…and he knoweth them that trust in Him.”   Nahum 1:7

Don’t wait until you have 38 days left.  Live life intentionally. Every. Single. Day.





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