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10 P’s to Achieving Your God-Sized Dream

by Lisa Manning on July 10, 2013

You have dusted off your God-Sized Dream. You’ve had lots of time to think it over. It is time to move forward and make it happen. What steps should you take to make it happen

Pray: Ask God to confirm if this is something He wants you to do and if the timing is right. Pray very specifically and tell God exactly what you want. He already knows but the dialogue may help you work through some of the details. Ask for the wisdom & resources to accomplish your dream. Never stop praying throughout the process and even after the Dream is realized, pray for continued success.

Purpose: What is your “Why?” It can be as complicated as trying to end hunger in your city or as simple as just wanting to do something for fun. What are your specific goals? If you want to go to Australia, what do you want to do while you are there? If you want to start a business, create a business plan listing the goals. I would encourage you to DREAM BIG! With God, all things are possible!

Probe: Research and learn everything you can about your Dream. What will it cost? Do you need additional education? Find other people who have accomplished your Dream and ask a million questions. Look at those who have been successful and repeat their actions. Educate yourself as much as possible for the greatest success.

Plan: Step one. Step two…and so on.

Prepare: What can you start doing now to prepare? Even if God hasn’t given you the okay on timing, you can still be preparing until the time comes.

Positive: (I couldn’t come up with a verb beginning with a P that said to be positive…so pretend with me!) Stay positive. Don’t allow others to discourage you with their negativity. Speak positive words over your Dream. Look for the positive all along the journey. Start a journal that focuses on every positive thing that happens along the way to seeing your Dream realized and read if you feel discouragement happening.

Pursue: Get started. Enroll in school. Set up the website. Save the money. Get a business coach. Work hard and when you want to give up, work even harder. That leads to the next P…

Persist: Never. Give. Up. People are often just before their breakthrough when they give up. If they had only persisted a little longer, they would have success. Colonel Sanders knocked on 1,009 doors trying to sell his recipe. No…that is not a typo. One thousand and nine. It may mean earlier mornings, later nights and occasional lack of sleep. No excuses.

Prevail: You GOT this! Have faith!

Pray: Give thanks to God for His help! He loves you and wants to give you good gifts…including God-Sized Dreams!



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In the comments below, tell us about YOUR God-Sized Dream!




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